VM Slide Link View –Web Slide Portal

VM Slide Link View is your solution to publish your own slide collections without any effort on the internet.

You just send us your glass slides, we will do the rest. As result, you will get access to your own histology web portal on the internet.

VM Slide Browser 4.0


One application for all devices: PC, tablet, smartphone

  • Web microscope for all devices: Fully functional on PC, tablet, and smartphone

  • Full support of touch navigation and zoom

  • Compatible with different screen sizes and aspect ratios

Automated workflow for publishing WSIs on the web

  • Upload via FTP directly from the scanner PC to the web server

  • The upload starts automatically after the scan of new slides

  • The web portal is dynamic and updates its content live

  • An email with the link to a slide series is created automatically

Maximum compatibility: All major WSI formats supported

  • VMscope .VSF, 3DHistech Pannoramic .mrxs, Hamamatsu .ndpi, Aperio ScanScope .svs, Olympus WebImage, Leica .scn, Zoomify, JPEG2000 .jp2, BigTiff .tiff

  • The application needs no installation and no browser plug-ins

  • The web microscope starts immediately without delay

The Functionality

Complete functionality online: Web microscopy without limitations

  • Hierarchical case structure for managing WSIs
  • Contents are updated in real-time. The view is always current state
  • The access can be set password protected
  • Every user just sees his content
  • Annotations can be created and displayed
  • Focus layers can be navigated
  • Display of case text and overview image
  • Display of the current scaling


VM SLide Browser

Some Reference Customers

VM Slide Link View is for example used by the following customers:


  • German Pathology Professionals Association, T.Konsult
    T. Konsult provides a Mamma-Refresher-Course which works with Virtual Slides on the internet. This has been realised using VM Slide Link View.
    For this project, T.Konsult used the option not to use the VM Slide Link View portal, but to develop its own, that uses simple links to refer to the VM Slide Browser. This way an own Virtual Microscopy Portal was developed, that uses the web microscope of VMscope.

  • Ventana-Roche
    For Ventana AG, today Roche AG, a ring study using VM Slide Link View was carried out. Several gastric cancer related slides in different stainings were scanned and provided over internet as ring study.