Scan Service

If you need to digitise just a few slides, it might not be worth purchasing a whole new slide scanner. Make use of our scan service. We are digitising:

  • TMAs
  • histology courses
  • Rare cases
  • glass slide collections
  • and others

You will get your virtual slides in “40x magnification” as JPEG2000, VSF or other formats after prior consultation.

Slide Hosting Service

VMscope GmbH runs own, high-performance and redundant servers in a professional computer centre with optimal internet access. Use this infrastructure for hosting your virtual slides. You will not need own hard- and software then. You will simply get a link to your online slide collection and your login data. We care about:

  • Server hardware and maintenance
  • Software licences, updates, backups
  • Room, power, climate control, fire protection, security
  • Internet access

Consulting and planning

We are co-operating since years with nearly all of the most important companies in the field of virtual microscopy. Insofar we are perfectly prepared to conceive, plan and realise big and complex solutions. We can assemble a comprehensive solution with all necessary components and services, so that you get a matching solution from one source.

Customer specific solutions

VMscope GmbH has experience for years in Virtual Microscopy and a broad range of software components to revert to. With that potential, we can also develop your individual solution to meet your requirements most efficiently.

Use the advantages of Virtual Microscopy for your research:

  • Efficient work through computer aid for routine processes.
  • Internet based exchange of tissue slides.
  • Distributed worldwide working.
  • Cooperation in worldwide projects and studies.
  • Connection to the local IT environment.