VMA TMA Evaluator

TMA Evaluation on Virtual Slides

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TMA Evaluation using the light microscope has several disadvantages. Positioning the spots manually can easily be wrong and relocating spots is time-consuming. Furthermore, the evaluation can only be done from one person in one location at a time.

An alternative is the evaluation using virtual slides/ whole slide images, meaning completely digitised slides in highest resolution. That overcomes not only those limitations but also brings a considerable facilitation and evaluation support:

  • Once the spots are defined, they can easily be positioned and displayed again.
  • Evaluation is limited to the sole quantification. Positioning and displaying spots is done by the software automatically.
  • The virtual slides exist only once on a server. Access to them over intranet is always possible for each authorised person from anywhere in the network.

Digitalisation of TMA Slides

There are several ways for digitalisation of your TMA slides:

  • You already have a slide scanner. Our software supports all major virtual slide formats.
  • You want to purchase your own slide scanner. We are co-operating with all major vendors and can arrange a combined solution.
  • Alternatively, we can also scan your TMA slides as a service.

Server and Storage

For saving the large digital TMA slides you will need a storage and for providing them on intra- and internet a server. You may either use your existing hardware or we would make a proposal for a new hardware environment.


The VM TMA Evaluator is installed locally on a windows PC. As host it needs the Virtual Microscope „VM Slide Explorer 2010“ by VMscope GmbH.

The Functionality

  • Definition of the array, the spot-IDs and positions as well as the case data for a TMA series.
  • Automatic detection of the array and the spots.
  • Evaluation with automatic display of the spots.
  • Arbitrary definition of evaluation parameters.
  • Export of the results to MS Excel.
  • Printing of the layouts as scheme for the TMA assembly.

Reference Customers

VM TMA Evaluator is for example used by the following customers:

  • University Hospital Berlin Charité, Group of Prof. Denkert:
    The Research Group of Prof. Denkert is using VM TMA Evaluator since years and took part in developing and improving it as well. Thus, the software improved from version to version and is a mature solution today, which the group of Prof. Denkert won't work without.
    Evaluation of digital TMA slides is much faster than under the light microscope. Furthermore the risk of mixing-up probes on the slide has been banned to the greatest possible extent through automatic detection of TMA spots and registration of every single probe. There is no need to care for the elaborate registration anymore. Doctors and scientists can fully concentrate on the evaluation.