VM Slide Explorer

Digital Microscope as local Application

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VM Slide Explorer is a digital microscopy application that allows you to navigate virtual slides efficiently on the monitor. At the same time you can make use of the imaging modules of CognitionMaster Professional Suite. Furthermore snapshots facilitate the assembly of digital documents and presentations.

VM Slide Explorer is integrated into several information systems and LIMS. For an easy and ideal workflow

Fully integrated into Pathology Information Systems and LIMS

  • Integration into your LIMS system: Nexus/PATHOLOGIE, PCS/Athena, . . .
  • Digital slides to a case open automatically, without any click
  • Imaging results are transferred to the system automatically

Automatic Quantification of immune stained slides

  • Automatic quantification of Ki67, ER PR, CD3, CD15 and more
  • Evaluation is performed simultaneously in the background while you work
  • Results as image, Excel table or export into your pathology/LIMS system

Tablet Control: Navigation with the tablet PC

  • Navigation with the mouse, touch screen or attached tablet PC
  • Convenient touch control even at the standard desktop
  • Compatible with Apple iPad

Maximum Compatibility: All major formats supported

  • VMscope .VSF
  • 3DHistech Pannoramic .mrxs
  • Hamamatsu .ndpi
  • Aperio ScanScope .svs
  • Olympus WebImage
  • Leica .scn
  • Zoomify
  • JPEG2000 .jp2

Multi-purpose Application: For the network or locally

  • Evaluation of cases including quantification of tumour markers
  • Presentations at medical or clinical conferences using a laptop
  • Case collection for studies
  • Remote access to cases via networks

Note: Suitable for research and training. Not approved for diagnostic purposes.

Some Reference Customers

VM Slide Explorer is for example used by the following customers:

  • University of Applied Sciences Berlin:
    The University of Applied Sciences Berlin uses VM Slide Explorer mainly for its option to develop own plugins. Health Informatics students use Slide Explorer to develop own virtual microscopy plugins that will run within VM Slide Explorer.
    VM Slide Explorer already provides an easy and comfortable plugin interface to realise that.
  • University Hospital Berlin Charité, Centre for Anatomy:
    For its brain course, the Anatomy needed a Virtual Microscope that runs locally on 10 computers in the anatomic dissection hall. It is used to show some selected slides for teaching.
    For that application all the functionality of Slide Explorer to organise and visualise several metadata was very helpful: Texts, annotations in the image, scaling and so on.