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Cognition Master Professional Suite

Digital Pathology System

Cognition Master Professional Suite is a platform for digital pathology and image analysis. The modules have been developed in co-operation with our partners from pathology and automatically evaluate images from your microscope camera. To save time and reach highest accuracy.

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Digital Slide Suite

Web Slide Portal

Digital Slide Suite is your solution to bring own slide collections for example for research or presentations to the internet, without own efforts. The web microscope runs on all devices: Fully capable for PC, tablet, smartphone. And without any brwoser plug-ins.

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Manual Slide Scanning

iSTIX enables you to do Manual Whole Slide Imaging: scanning samples easily and inexpensively.
All you need is your own light microscope with camera. The iSTIX system saves the images as you navigate the slide under the microscope and stitches them into aWhole Slide Image. So Whole Slide Image (WSI) of the area that you were seeing are created in real time.

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VM Slide Explorer

Digital Microscope as local application

VM Slide Explorer is a digital microscopy application that allows you to navigate virtual slides efficiently on the monitor. At the same time you can make use of the imaging modules of CognitionMaster Professional Suite. Furthermore snapshots facilitate the assembly of digital documents and presentations.

VM Slide Explorer is integrated into several information systems and LIMS. For an easy and ideal workflow.

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VM TMA Evaluator

TMA Evaluation on Virtual Slides

VM TMA Evaluator allows to evaluate digital Tissue Microarray (TMA) slidess. That includes the automatic detection and assignment of TMA spots on the scanned TMA slide. The evaluation follows an evaluation scheme that can be defined very flexibly. The evaluation results can be exported as MS Excel tables.

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VM Slide Converter

Converting Virtual Slides

VM Slide Converter generates virtual slides in the standard format JPEG2000 or as bitmap from the file formats of several slide scanners. That allows you to use your virtual slides in several applications or to exchange it with colleagues, which might not use your software.

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